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Sara Longoria is a success mentor and teacher of energetics and manifestation to hundreds of individuals and companies around the world. She is the founder of Hey U Human and the creator of the Rapid Relief Technique (RRT), a groundbreaking energetic and manifestation system that teaches YOU how to use life in a way to create EXACTLY what you desire in the fastest way possible.

Science nerd turned magic manifestor, Sara uses her background in Biomedical Sciences, Neurophysiology, Energetics and Corporate Sales to help people break through their upper limit, and create unparalleled success. Many of them having massive leaps in income, spontaneous healing and lifestyle upgrades in as little as a few weeks.

"I'm on a mission to teach the world an easier and quicker way to create a life they absolutely love using non traditional manifestation techniques, proven innovative strategies and energetic principles."

Sara helped me realize things about myself I had no idea were blocking me from getting the success I wanted. I am eternally grateful."

Leal TrueHealth & Beauty Entrepreneur

Sara has a degree in Biomedical Science from Marquette University, is an EFT and Energy Medicine Practitioner, Certified Transformational Coach and Heal Your Money Story Coach. She has been featured on the Louise H Reid Radio Show, FOX TV Female Entrepreneur Spot Light and will be a published author in March of 2020. She lives in Corpus Christi with her husband and two children. 

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