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Sara helped me realize my business and my value is separate. I wasn't even aware I had tied the two together until her! She really helped me in a big way get over some stuff that was really holding back my success. I am so grateful.

Amanda Moxley

Sara touched all areas of my life, not just my business. She helped me realize things about myself I had no idea were blocking me from getting the success I wanted. I am eternally grateful.

Leal True

Within an hour of speaking to Sara, she had diagnosed the origin of my struggles and given me a unique remedy that truly blew my mind. Being a physician and a psychiatrist at that, I have heard it all in terms of remedies and psychological cutting edge solutions - or so I thought. But Sara's unique, yet compassionate approach helped me see things in a new light, and I released some things that I hadn't even known were holding me back.

Dr. Kavetha Sundaramoorthy