Want more freedom, passion & deeper life fulfillment?

Private coaching is a sacred space created by you and me where we will do the deepest and most soulful work with lightning speed results.


Within an hour of speaking to Sara, she had diagnosed the origin of my struggles and given me a unique remedy that truly blew my mind. Being a physician and a psychiatrist at that, I have heard it all in terms of remedies and psychological cutting edge solutions - or so I thought. But Sara's unique, yet compassionate approach helped me see things in a new light, and I released some things that I hadn't even known were holding me back.

Dr. Kavetha Sundaramoorthy

"Sara helped me realize my business and my value is separate. I wasn't even aware I had tied the two together until her! She really helped me in a big way get over some stuff that was really holding back my success. I am so grateful."

Amanda Moxley

I was made to work with the person who chooses
to have it all, be in their full power, create greatness
in this world, while obtaining financial wealth.

The person who looks for lightening speed results, more freedom, more passion and deeper life fulfillment. 

The person who truly knows it’s possible to have everything they want, desire and dream of, but hasn’t fully figured out how to create it without hard work and sacrifice. 

The person who is ready for more ease, more alignment, while at the same time enacting more impact and creating greater abundance.

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Transform your life

Rise up to your full self, realize your biggest dreams and goals

Between the work you will do on your own guided by me and the work we will do together, every aspect of your life will be transformed. From Business to wealth, family and health your life will be touched with magic and miracles.

For Executives, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs

This is transformation like you have never known

My team and I have worked with executives, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and high level leaders to implement the energy and strategy needed to re-align their life and business for rapid results and exponential success.

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No more listening to the world tell you that you can’t. No more listening to people tell you your big dreams are too big. You will learn to be limitless, to be free and to create the life you have been called to live. 

I invite you to explore working with me in this capacity by reaching out via voxer – slongoria77, Facebook messenger or email. 

Once contacted we can set up a call and discuss what private coaching would look like. 

Investment varies based on length of contract 

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