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Overview of the Program

16 weeks to total transformation!

The Clean Out!

Ever wonder why so many self-love tactics you try don’t seem to stick. Why affirmation and motivational speeches seem to wear off after awhile. Well that is because you are attempting to white wash a piece of wood painted black, and it’s not going to work well until the black paint is gone.

Think of a house full of clutter that you just purchased. Sure you could go right in, paint around the stuff, try and clean the carpet, and yes it would look a bit better, but it wouldn’t be the full transformation you were looking for.

That’s what most of us are currently doing. We are trying to push the self-love on top of the yuck that needs to get out.

We will work together in these weeks to identify what’s in there, pull it out and release it in a systematic way that allows you to finally once and for all LET IT GO.

Not just push it into our bodies and try and ignore it, which is what most of us are doing. These first couple weeks will result in MASSIVE changes in your life.

You will IMMEDIATELY see transformation. One of them usually being MORE MONEY magically showing up in your life!

Targeted Transformation!

For these 4 weeks we will be specifically targeting areas of your life and doing a deep emotional and energetic cleansing.


DEEP healing in your Body
Better Sleep
Better SEX!!
Becoming Unapologetically YOU
No more people pleasing
Getting MORE of what you want – Money, Time, Energy

This will truly be 4 weeks of Magic.

Connecting to You and the Universe!

Now that you have done the deep clean out. We will work on mindset and truly creating the life of our dreams. You have done the work to transform the inside, so now you will watch the magic happen on the outside.

You will learn how to connect deeply with your inner wants, desires and dream so that you can MANIFEST your heart’s desires.

You will understand how to look at the world from an energetic perspective and finally connect to the Universe in a way that makes you feel free and SAFE ALL THE TIME

You will learn how to let in all the good and get into a vibration of receiving. You will learn how to lock this vibration in and what to do when you fall back out.

You will know what you want and what steps you need to take to create it.

Within an hour of speaking to Sara, she had diagnosed the origin of my struggles and given me a unique remedy that truly blew my mind. Being a physician and a psychiatrist at that, I have heard it all in terms of remedies and psychological cutting edge solutions - or so I thought. But Sara's unique, yet compassionate approach helped me see things in a new light, and I released some things that I hadn't even known were holding me back.

Dr. Kavetha Sundaramoorthy

Sara helped me realize my business and my value is separate. I wasn't even aware I had tied the two together until her! She really helped me in a big way get over some stuff that was really holding back my success. I am so grateful.

Amanda Moxley

I believe life should

be easy, fun & flowy!

I believe the power to create this lies completely in you and I believe I can show you how to do it!

The world is lying to you and has been your entire life. You have been told your life can't be easy, can't be beautiful, must be a struggle. It's time to let go of the struggle and step into the beautiful. Life is meant to be easy, effortless and FUN! I know it's possible, because I have created it for myself and I have helped many others create it in their life.

Most are missing the piece of the puzzle to creating a life they love. I have that piece, and it's time you had it too.

Join Unstoppable You today!

If you have been looking for the next “thing” to help you on your journey, look no further. This program is specifically designed for results. It is different than anything else out there. It uses a specific system I have created after years of struggling myself. It is designed to uncover the deepest of blocks and pull them out by the root. Most of what we are currently doing in our world today is trying to “cope” with the blocks and hidden emotions. This system works different. It works to REMOVE the blocks from not only our minds, but our body and spirit as well.

Investment Price


Complete 16 week program

One secure payment OR $297 / 5 months

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“I have tried so many things in my life with little to no results. I am no longer on depression meds, I have lost 30 pounds. I literally have my life back.”

Joan Smith

“This was by far the best course I have ever done. I was blown away by the shear knowledge that was there. I couldn't believe how much I was able to release just in the first month. It is kinda freaky!”

Janice Wylie

“Sara is incredible, loved loved loved this course.”

Tara Sanderson